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Mind Games

Injury got you down? it's all in your head

Last summer, just four weeks before the Pumpkinman ...


Illustration by Jeremy Duncan

Last summer, just four weeks before the Pumpkinman Club Championship triathlon in Las Vegas, Nevada, I developed a painful stress fracture in my left foot. As a professional coach, I know this type of injury typically takes six to 10 weeks to heal, which means no running. Though I felt frustrated, my body benefited from the extra rest and I ended up savoring the break from training for swimming, biking and running.

As a result, on race day I was mentally sharp and rested. Transitioning from the bike to the run, my legs felt fresh, feet quick and stride fluid. Before I knew it, I’d scored my fastest run split of the season. Seeing the injury as an opportunity rather than a setback allowed me to heal quickly, enjoy a mentally rejuvenating pre-race period and have a solid performance.  

Injuries stink, but choosing to convert them into an empowering experience gets you back on the trails sooner.


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