Acing Aid Stations

Use them to speed up your next race


Physiology Lessons

Four sure-fire ways to become a faster trail runner

One of the great things about trail running is that in its simplicity of putting one foot in front of the other ...


Cycling Through

Ask the Coach

I am a beginning trail runner training for my first 50K. I would like to increase mileage and training time ...


Trail Racing 101

Frequent Trail Runner contributor and renowned running coach, Jason Karp, PhD., shares his top tips for beginner racers and those looking to move up from 10K to the marathon.


Balancing Act

Prevent common injuries with a BOSU Ball

The transition from pavement to trails is exhilarating, but making the common mistake of "too much too soon" ...


Letting Go

Learn to run by effort, not distance

Some of us runners like to calculate things. We like splits, our average mile pace and measurements ...

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