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The 2012 Trophy Series Concludes

The 2012 Trail Runner Trophy Series presented by GORE-TEX wraps up






The last race of the 2012 Trail Runner Trophy Series presented by GORE-TEX wrapped up on September 30. And while we have results tallied from most events, several races have not sent results. So, stay tuned for an in-depth recap of the 2012 Trophy Series with finalized results in November.

In the Ultra Division, Colorado's Jeremy Bradford has continued to dominate the series after completing six tallied races (finishing many of them in the top 10) and acquiring 1159.6 points.

Reflecting on his successful Trophy Series season, Bradford says, "Attempting to win the ultra division of the Trophy Series led me to push myself much harder than I had thought possible."

He continues, "The traveling and camping we did as a family in order to attend the Trophy Series races produced many wonderful memories. The whole series was an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to do it again!"

Lorraine Moore, 49, of Richmond Virginia echoes Bradford's feelings. "The Trophy Series always includes some of the best races and places," says the current leader of the non-ultra 40- to 49-age-group. "Being out there on a trail run somewhere means so much more to me than I can say. It just seems to restore me."

Be sure to check back in a few weeks for more up-to-date or final results from the 2012 series. The current leaderboard, which reflects standings from all results tallied by October 22, is below:


**Please note: Points listed below are based on results received and tallied by October 11, 2012. If you have completed a race(s) that have not yet submitted results, please contact the race director. Feel free to reach out to us with any Trophy Series-related questions: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Non-Ultra Division


50+      Steve Baber, Indianapolis, IN, 54, 14 races, 532.7 points

40-49   Daniel Campbell, Mount Gilead, OH, 46, 17 races, 503.4 points

30-39   Greg Fraze, Velpen, IN, 35, 3 races, 134.4 points

20-29   David Lister, Jersey Shore, PA, 26, 3 races, 149.1 points

10-19   TJ Hooks, Morgantown, WV, 14, 2 races, 102 points



50+     Pamela Hershberger, 58, Clearville, PA, 3 races, 194.9 points

40-49   Lorraine Morre, 49, Richmond, VA, 4 races, 147.9 points

30-39   Meira Minard, 38, State College, PA, 4 races, 170.2 points

20-29   Michelle Herman, 20, Bellefonte, PA, 2 races, 132.4 points

10-19   Ashley Wert, McElhattan, PA, 12, 3 races, 139.1 points


Ultra Division


Jeremy Bradford, Denver, CO, 34, 5 races, 1109.6 points

Oleg Tabelev, 46, Calagary, AB, 3 races, 612.8 points

Glen Redpath, New York, NY, 46, 3 races, 574.4 points



Jennifer Eichelberger, 41, Carbondale, IL, 4 races, 702.4 points

Beiyi Zheng, 48, Brookfield, CO, 9 races, 654.4 points

Lisa Van Wolde, 38, Innisfil, ON, 5 races, 615.9 points



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