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Q&A with Fall Trophy Series Leaders - Page 2

Pat Crespi, 55, Englewood, CO
Currently Tied for Female Most Races Run

Crespi running the Psycho Psummer Run Toto Run in Kansas City, MO. Photo by Mile 90 Photography.

How long have you been trail running?
I started hitting the trails when I first moved to Colorado in 1998, but since 2010 I am practically road free.  The mountains call me!

How many miles a week do you typically run?
That is a tough question, because it totally depends on what I am training for and comes in spurts.  I have been known to run any where from 25 to 60 miles a week and have averaged approximately 1160 miles a year for the last two years.

What’s your favorite pre-race meal? Aid station food? Post-run snack?
I don't really get to eat any favorite foods before a race I usually stick to chicken with rice or a baked potatoes, which can lead to some very boring Friday nights.  During trail races I can eat anything and love eating watermelon, pretzels and Oreo cookies.  Post-run snacks usually involve some chocolate milk and a big juicy hamburger.

What do you do when you’re not running?
I have a Facebook album titled "When I'm not running".  I can be found in my garden, working on one of many art projects, working on house projects, cooking, visiting with my friends and family, making photo albums, and reading.  However, when training for a 50-mile race, I become an expert couch potato and enjoy watching movies.

What’s been your favorite Trophy Series race this year, and why?
They have all been challenging and different in each way, but the one that touched a different sense was the Indian/Celina Challenge 1/2 Marathon in Indiana.  This was a beautiful lush course with honeysuckle plants running all along the course.  I called this race my most "intoxicating" trail race so far.

What running-related goals do you have, either for this year or further in the future?
I don't have a bucket list, but in 2011 my goal was "3 Day TransRockies"; in 2012 I trained for my first 50 mile trail race and completed the "Rocky Racoon" this past February 2013; For the remainder of 2013 I went rouge from my running group the Colorado Columbine's and decided participate in the 2013 Trophy Series.  Next year I think I'll either do another 50-mile trail race, "6 Day TransRockies", and if my IT band holds out I'll think about the 100-mile distance.


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