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Maria Dalzot, MS, RD, CDN Wednesday, 15 January 2014 16:46 TWEET COMMENTS 7

6 Diet Tweaks to Avoid Bonking

Ask the Dietitian: Nutritional strategies for running strong when trying to lose or maintain weight

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What advice do you have on reaching a race weight or ideal composition while training? It's hard for me to create a substantial calorie deficit and still feel good in training. Sometimes I feel bonked when I'm trying to cut back and consequently will have days where I pig out which negates any weight loss attempt I had made.
-Rachel Bachman, Aspen, CO

It is a common misconception—especially by our sedentary counterparts—that endurance runners can eat whatever they want and the pounds will still melt away because of all the miles. As most of us know, this notion is not a reality. An increase in mileage results in an increased appetite and an adapted metabolism, both of which make it difficult to shed the extra weight—or, sometimes, even just maintain our weight.

Read on for a few tips to help you reach your optimum racing weight and natural body composition while still feeling good during training.


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