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Jade Belzberg Thursday, 03 April 2014 09:22 TWEET COMMENTS 27

10 Best Jobs for Trail Runners

Thinking of a career change? Here are 10 ways to support your trail lifestyle and (hopefully) still pay your bills

Scheduling an hour out of your day for a run can be difficult when your job isn’t flexible. Trying to squeeze in runs during your lunch hour can be hectic, not to mention sweaty—and leaving your training run until the end of a long day at the office may turn into skipping it altogether.

Not all jobs are at odds with the trail-running lifestyle, though. We recently spoke with 10 avid runners whose jobs help sustain their passion for being on the trails.


1. Yoga Instructor

Photo by Eric Martin

Name: Rachel Cieslewicz

Age: 34

Hometown: St. George, UT

Title: Owner and Teacher at Yoga Soul

Perks: For the most part, Cieslewicz is able to design her own schedule. She adds that teaching her students serves as reminder to practice yoga on a regular basic, as well.

“I currently teach yoga in early hours and the evenings.  This opens up time in the day for runs anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours, five days a week,” explains Cieslewicz.

Requires: Yoga Teacher Training Certification, generally an intensive 200- or 500-hour training and teaching program over the course of a few months. Cieslewicz also has a degree in Exercise Sport Science from the University of Utah.


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