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The Shoes the Speedgoats Wear

What shoes will the elites don for this weekend's steep, gnarly Speedgoat 50K?

Photo by Geoff Cordner // Creative Commons

The Speedgoat 50K is this Saturday at Utah’s Snowbird Resort. As part of the US Skyrunner Series, Karl Meltzer’s masochistic masterpiece of a course will again bring out some of the top mountain and ultra runners from around the world.

Most of us will never be able to keep up with those at the front of the pack, but we have plenty in common with them. Like everyone, they have to log a ton of training to finish a mountainous 50K. They have to eat gel upon gel during a race. And they have to wear shoes … shoes that are (mostly) available to everyone.

So, what are the speedy wearing this year at Speedgoat?

Speedgoat’s course is a tough one, to be sure, but nestled between sections of snow and scree fields will be fire roads and buffed-out trails. Athletes competing there will need a shoe that works well and holds up in a variety of conditions.

The Speedgoat course is packed with wildflowers, scenic views and no shortage of steep terrain. Photo by Jon Roig // Creative Commons.

Luckily for them, many trail shoe companies have been striving in recent years to create models that do just that – that are protective yet nimble, grippy but not too aggressive for flatter surfaces.

We talked to a handful of elite athletes to see what they would be wearing and why. [Note that Anton Krupicka and Dave Mackey, though originally interviewed for this story, have since announced they will not be competing in Speedgoat this weekend after all.]

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