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If Meltzer musters the determination to retrace his steps uphill mid-way through the world's most difficult 100-mile race for a sip of something as vile as tequila, what does that say about his will to return to a race like the Ultra Tour du Mont Blanc?

One absolute certainty is that he will be focused. "I still regret it [the 2007 Mont Blanc DNF]," says Meltzer, "which is why I'll return on fresh legs and have no excuse not to kick some ass."

Garett Graubins is former Senior Editor of Trail Runner, and a veteran 100-miler himself.


More Lore

How did you get the nickname "Speedgoat"?

I was driving home from the Pikes Peak Marathon with some friends in 1993. I ran that race in a shoe called the Fila Escapegoat. We were yakking about nothing and I threw out "Speedgoat, what a great name." It stuck.

How many gels will you take during a 100 miler?

Three per hour is standard. During the Hardrock 100, about 65 to 70.

The last few years you've stopped using pacers. Why?

Pacers? Nah, they can go home. I like to do things on my own. It's OK if you want one, but why should the frontrunners?

Favorite junk food?


Biggest weakness?


Most memorable race?

My course record at the 2001 Hardrock. I knew a record would be cool, especially since National Geographic Adventure and Sports Illustrated were watching.

What's up with the bike gloves you race in?

The main reason is for hand protection when I crash, but I also carry things in them, anything from gels, salt caps and other essentials.


Mountain Menu

Meltzer's resume boasts wins at the planet's most burly trail ultras.

  • Six-time winner: Wasatch Front 100
  • Four-time winner: Hardrock 100
  • Three-time winner: San Diego 100
  • Three-time winner: Bear 100
  • Five-time winner: Squaw Peak 50
  • Winner: Zane Grey 50, Vermont 50, Bonneville Marathon (3x), Old Pueblo 50, Silver State 50, Leona Divide 50, Moab Red Hot Fat Ass 50K
  • Record holder: Most 100-mile wins in one calendar year (6)
  • Record holder: Rocky Mountain Slam*, 88:53

* Running the Hardrock, Leadville Trail, The Bear and Wasatch Front 100-milers in the same year.


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