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Roads to Trails

Olympic Marathoner Meb Keflezighi trains on dirt

“I love running trails,” Meb Keflezighi said in a recent interview I conducted via email ...

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“I love running trails,” said American marathon superstar Meb Keflezighi in a recent email interview. “I run trails not so much for the adventure, but as part of my training for the marathon and half-marathon.”

If you follow American distance running at all, you’ll know that whatever training he’s doing is paying off—Meb has helped American distance runners regain a significant spot on the international running map.

Meb made history on November 1, 2009, when he became the first U.S. runner to win the New York Marathon since Alberto Salazar in the 1980s. Claiming four NCAA titles in the mid 1990s at UCLA, Meb continued with a professional career peppered with success. He represented the U.S. in the Olympics both in 2000 (the 10,000 meters, where he was 12th) and 2004 (the marathon, where he was second). Most recently, Meb took home the first-place slot at the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston, Texas, when he crossed the line in 2:09:08, setting a five-second PR … at age 36.

But, what does it really take to achieve such outstanding success, and what does it have to do with trail running?



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