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Ticks Invade the Trails - Page 4

Tick types
It can also help to know which types of ticks can transmit disease. Lyme disease, babesiosis and anaplasmosis are all transmitted by blacklegged ticks, also known as deer ticks; these ticks are smaller and lighter in color (tan) than wood ticks, the larger, dark-brown creatures you are probably more used to picking off your clothing.

Wood ticks aren’t disease free, though: also known as the American dog tick (east of the Rocky Mountains) or the Rocky Mountain wood tick (in the Rockies), they can carry and transmit RMSF and tularemia. RMSF can also be transmitted by the brown dog tick, which is slightly smaller than the American dog tick. The brown dog tick can also complete its entire life cycle indoors, meaning RMSF cases are not isolated to warm months. Tularemia, STARI and ehrlichiosis are transmitted by the lone-star tick, identifiable by the white spot in the middle of its abdomen.

Photo by James Gathan - Rocky Mountain Wood Tick

Photo by James Gathan - Lonestar Tick


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