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Anton Krupicka Looks Ahead - Page 3

“My perspective on movement in the mountains has changed considerably,” he says. “I've done a whole lot of speed or power hiking, which has expanded my notion of worthy ways of interacting with the mountains. Basically, though, I'm a less good person when I'm not able to run, and that shouldn't necessarily be the case.”

On the mend
After nearly a year and a half of frustrations—and false race starts—Krupicka believes he finally has reason to be optimistic about his shin’s health. He also remains upbeat about his chances of racing some big events, including the Hardrock 100-Mile in July.

“Things have changed remarkably since I got back from Spain a couple of weeks ago,” he says. “While there, I received an examination and some analysis from Salomon's team doctor and he was extremely in-depth and helpful, looking at the whole picture and making specific recommendations. And it seems to be working. The past week has been, by far, my best week of training in the past two years.

“So, if things hold together, I'm optimistic about running Hardrock in six weeks and I think I can be quite fit,” he continues. “I PR’ed on Mount Elbert [on May 31] and the last time I ran that I considered myself very fit, so things might be a lot of fun in the San Juans in July.”

Krupicka says if Hardrock goes well, he plans on racing the Pikes Peak Marathon and Nolan’s 14 in August, and hopes to travel to Europe for September’s Ultra Cavalls del Vent and October’s Le Grand Raid Reunion.

Still, he says, the injury has reminded him not to take anything for granted.

“It has re-opened my eyes to just how necessary the mountains are in my life and that I need to exercise better discipline in the future to avoid injuries,” he concludes. “Restraint and patience.”


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