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Morgan Arritola and Her Freewheeling Training Plan - Page 2

Photo by Mike Schirf

Which came first–skiing or running?
I was actually a soccer player first. I was born in Oregon and grew up playing soccer until we moved to Idaho. We moved to a place where there was a cross-country ski team, and I’d never done that before. But I ended up on the team.

Since then, skiing has been your main sport. What have been some highlights in your skiing career?
I was a three-time junior national champion. I was on the U.S. Ski Team for five years and went to a bunch of world championship events and the 2010 Olympics. In Vancouver I raced in three distance events and a relay, but I didn’t ski well. Obviously you want to go to the Olympics and ski your best races, but that’s not a reality for everyone.

How have you transitioned into trail running?
Well, I’ve always run, but only recently started doing races the last few years. I prefer trails.

How have you fit running in with your ski training?
Running is not only a good replacement, it’s effective training for skiing. You’re putting on a bib and running hard. We always do running intervals for ski training, and some cross-country skiers are not as inclined to run. Some people get injured more easily.


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