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Tech Out Your Run - Page 3

3. Keep Your Headphone Cords in Place
Tangled headphone cords can be a royal pain, especially on the trails, getting caught on everything from swinging elbows to protruding shrubs and branches.


  • RaceReady StreamLine Shirt
    $31; www.raceready.com
    Made in the USA, this nifty tech tee has vertical headphone cord “tunnels” on both the front and back, so you can thread your headphone cord through and not worry about it catching on anything as you run. The tee features a pleasantly long cut for reliable coverage that won’t ride up.

    *RaceReady is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its next phase of product development. Learn more here!
  • O!Snap Magnetized Headphone Clip
    $15; www.osnapclip.com
    The cleverly-named O!Snap headphone clip has another take on corralling headphone cords. This small, magnetic clip snaps onto the collar or hem of your shirt or jacket and secures dangling cords out of your way.



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