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Ounce-Saving Gear for Stage Races - Page 3



In the battle of feet vs. sand, your shoes can either be your worst enemy or your best ally. In addition to cushioning for a high mileage week and a little extra heft for carrying a heavy pack, your shoes need to protect from the blister-causing grit. Look for options with little-to-no mesh; if the sun comes though when you hold the shoe up to the light, so will the sand! The Salomon S-Lab XT Wing5 SoftGround is a popular choice in the field for its closed-weave upper, aggressive tread and comfortable stability.

Bonus Tip: Buy one pair in your normal size for testing on long training runs with your pack, ideally in sandy conditions—then buy a second “race pair” at least one full size up to accommodate for foot swelling during the stage race. Your wallet will take a beating, but it’s worth it.


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