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Reader Gallery: Running in Costume - Page 6

Trail runners just like to have fun.

Rick Bothwell at the Surf the Murph 50 miler in Savage, MN--reaching his goal of running 1000 race miles to celebrate his 50th birthday. His running friends made sure he had a hot fudge sundae at one of the aid stations. Says Bothwell, "It was a great day to "labor" around the course but I had a great "push" at the end!" Photo by Lisa Messerer.


Running as "fast food" at a 2011 Turkey Trot in Cleveland, Ohio. Photo by Kent Vasko, submitted by Megan E. Orosz.

Runner Scott Corbin "after the mandatory wine aid station" at the Enchanted Forest Wine Run in Oregon. Photo by Shahid Ali, submitted by Scott Corbin.


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