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Duncan Larkin Tuesday, 05 November 2013 15:44 TWEET COMMENTS 12

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Bored Because You Don’t Think Your Run Is Doing Anything for You

This kind of “What the hell am I doing with myself?” feeling is prevalent among marathoners and ultramarathoners. Anyone investing hours at a time out on the roads is bound to question the meaning behind it all. Without bothering to learn about the physiological reasons for training the body to adapt to physical stress, instead look at things with the mindset that all these miles, no matter how slow they go, are indeed doing something for the body.

Tell this to yourself over and over again during your runs when the dark moments of doubt begin to take root. In this modern day, the mind may be evolving and adapting quickly to flickering text messages, multitasking, Tweeting, and laptops with 20 browser sessions open, but the body is thousands of years behind. With distance running, the body takes a lot of monotony in order to adapt and improve.

You aren’t going to get better overnight. You have to put in the time and the work. In order to make a real dent in your marathon personal record, you have to be constantly on the run, strengthening the legs and conditioning the lungs. In the end, the marathon is really about efficiency. Physiologically speaking, it’s about how efficient the body is at converting your fat stores into usable energy. This efficiency has to be taught through a long and slow process that is repeated continually. Long and slow anything can be boring, but it’s definitely not senseless. And that’s the important part you have to drill into your head. Any successful run is progress—make that your mantra.


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