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Table of Contents—DIRT/April 2015



Partners in Crime

From Virginia Beach to the pages of Born to Run to Hawaii's HURT 100, Billy "Bonehead" Barnett and the author have shared a (short) lifetime of crazy adventures on the trail.

By Jenn Shelton


Best of Everyman's Exposed

Cool reader photography from Iceland to Alaska to California.


12 Minutes to Spare

Bobbing around Great Britain, the birthplace of mountain running.

By Rickey Gates


Dirty Roots

How Chattanooga transformed itself from a depressed, post-industrial ghost town into trail running's best-kept secret.

By Yitka Winn


Off the Beaten Path

Finding adventure on (and off) Sweden's historic King's Trail

By Krissy Moehl

Photos by Fredrik Marmsater


The Heart Before the Watch

An inside look at Switzerland's iconic Sierre-Zinal and the mountain-running professor who founded it

By Doug Mayer


Out There

Tennessee's infamous Barkley Marathons isn't known as "The Race That Eats Its Young" for nothing

By Jade Belzberg

Photos by Geoffrey Baker


Feel the Burn

Art, dust, dancing, music and, oh, yeah, running the Burning Man Ultramarathon

By Cheryl Yanek

Photos by Jeff Clark


The Nolan's Project

How a brutal Colorado mountain run became the Holy Grail of FKTs.

By Paul Cuno-Booth

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