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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is my account number and how can I find when my subscription expires?

Your account number is above your name on your mailing label. The number starts with TR for Trail Runner and RI for Rock and Ice subscribers. Your subscription ends with the issue number to the right and on the same line as your account number. All issues are numbered sequentially so you can anticipate how many more issues are due before the account expires. If you don’t have a current mailing label, email us to look up your account details.

2) When will I receive a subscription renewal notice?

Trail Runner starts the renewal process when you have two remaining issues. We have an automatic renewal system, so when your subscription has one issue remaining, we will renew your subscription and send you an invoice or notice that it has been renewed.

3) I missed an issue, what can I do about this?

We will replace damaged or missing issues, once we identify your account and verify your address. If you purchase the missing issue off the newsstand or have already read your friend’s copy cover to cover, we will extend your subscription by one issue.

4) For other concerns about my subscription, who do I contact and what info do they need?

For Trail Runner, email For Rock and Ice subscriptions, email Our toll free number in the U.S. and Canada is 877.762.5423 x118; the non-toll free number is 970.704.1442 x118.

Tell us which magazine you are referring to, the subscriber’s complete name and address, your name and a way to contact you by phone or email, and describe the subscription problem in detail.

5) How do I make an address change?

Click here to change your address. Please be aware that mailing labels are sent to the printer almost a month before each issue’s on-sale date. Send address change information as quickly as possible to make sure the next issue gets mailed to your new address.

6) Is secure to place a credit card order?

Our website is completely secure for both all orders. When you checkout, you will notice that the URL starts with “https://” to show that it is secure.

7) How long will take for my first issue to arrive when I order a subscription?

U.S. subscribers can expect their first issue in three to five weeks. We send subscription mailing information to our printer every six weeks. If a subscription is entered right after that information is sent, then it may take longer for the first issue to get to the subscriber. If you need something right away, please call us.

Foreign subscriber copies take three to eight weeks to arrive. More remote locations may take longer.