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Herewith, a list of ideas for directing a race like Julie Fingar and have it be better than awesome:

A blow-up start- and finish-arch with pump-up start and finish music. While you can have music without an arch, an arch without the music is pointless. Every time you run under a blow-up arch to pulsing tunes, you’ll feel like a champion.

2. Incredible volunteers. All volunteers are incredible, but Way Too Cool’s volunteers were outstanding. Since I decided to only carry a sprint-size water bottle, I was forced to linger at every aid station to drink, re-fill my bottle and blankly stare at the snacks and GUs that I had no desire to consume. The volunteers were constantly encouraging: “Get a move on!” “Good job! Now keep going!”

3. Live video feed. Your friends and family can watch and see you in your racing outfit (for better or for worse). Way Too Cool’s video feed captured the start, eight-mile mark and finish. Since I had traveled to the race solo, knowing that my friends and family were watching made me feel like they were on the course rooting me on.

4. Free post-race massage. The 15 minutes of muscle-flushing torture massage post-Cool worked miracles. I credit those amazing therapists from the therapists from Monsters of Massage Sports Massage for being able to put in a 75-mile training the following week.


Photo by Joanna Reuland

5. Post-race cupcakes. Cupcakes and ice cream have long been my favorite post-race treat. Unfortunately, after this 31.5-miler, I felt too sick to eat one. (After returning home, my roommate Gina reminded me how much I had talked about the cupcakes prior to leaving. “And you didn’t even eat one?” she screeched.)


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