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Yitka Winn Wednesday, 10 April 2013 16:03 TWEET COMMENTS 2

TrekSta Sync (Spring 2013)

Editor's Choice: 10.9 ounces / 4mm drop / $125


The Dirt: Breaking into the trail-running market, TrekSta aimed to find the happy medium between minimalist design and traditional support.

The Sync is built with ultra-light EVA midsoles and a lower heel, so it feels light and fast, while offering sturdy protection and cushioning.

Testers also praised the arch support, water-resistant uppers and overall versatility, agreeing that the Sync performed equally well on rocky trails as on roads or hardpack.

Best For: The Sync is versatile enough to handle moderate runs on mud, grass, gravel and light snow—most terrain short of anything treacherously technical.

Traction: Though testers were initially skeptical of the Sync’s relatively shallow lugs, they experienced good traction on mild-to-medium technical trails. Said one tester, “It let me navigate trail roots and rocks, but not get hung up on them.”

Fit: Born out of measurements taken from 20,000 individual feet, TrekSta’s NestFIT design offers a snug, true-to-size fit with ample width.

The Downsides: The Sync sole feels stiff out of the box, though grows more flexible over time. One tester wished for a little more rock protection in the forefoot.

Tester-Monial: “It’s obvious TrekSta did a lot of ground research and did not just follow the trends—leading to a fantastically innovative shoe.”
—Jason Miller, Austin, TX


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