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10 Trails That Should Be on Every Bucket List - Page 2

2. The Skyline Trail
Alberta, Canada

Photo by Touque

This 26.2-mile trail in Jasper National Park is mostly above treeline, the perfect spot for stunning views of vast meadows, windswept ridges and glacial lakes. Skyline is also a thriving habitat for wild animals like wolves, mountain lions and woodland caribou that you might be able to see off in the distance. This heavily-trod trail isn’t too technical. The highest point is only 8287 feet, so you won’t need much altitude acclimation to enjoy a summertime marathon run. But because of the trail traffic, you do have to reserve your spot; the Jasper Trail Office (1-780-852-6177) accepts reservations up to three months in advance.

Suggested by readers Fanny Barrette and Brad Peavoy.

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