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Photo Gallery: Running Across the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Three runners, seven days and 250 miles.

Seth Langbauer August 9th, 2017

Photo Gallery: Running Across the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

On July 10, Zach Altman, David Laufenberg and Anthony Pavkovich set out from their house in Bozeman, Montana. Their goal: run 250 miles across the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in one week.

Measuring roughly 18 million acres, the Greater  Yellowstone Ecosystem is one of the largest in-tact ecosystems in the United States. Most of those 18 million acres are designated public lands (including Yellowstone National Park). Accompanied by photographer Seth Langbauer and a cadre of supporters, the trio of runners hoped to use their trip as a call for community engagement to celebrate and protect our nation’s public lands.

Over the past week, Trail Runner has been sharing photos from their journey. In case you missed it, here are a few select moments that capture the vast and diverse beauty of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem as well as the simple daily challenges of covering 250 miles on foot.

For more information, visit the Common Ground website.


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