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Pregnant Pause - Page 3

"I hate the Santa Anas," I say, my mouth parched. Really, what's loveable about a hot wind that stirs up negative ions, sparks huge hell fires and sucks moisture out of any living thing in its path?

Rebecca looks at me, astonished. "Really? I love them!" I notice her skipping a little.


Rebecca spins around, arms outstretched, "They make me feel free! They're a gust of lust, making my fingers and toes tingle."

I stare at her. This is the most emotion I've seen from the British-born, Sigourney Weaver lookalike. I almost reconsider.

When we reach the top of Sandstone, I am winded, starving and completely hormonal. I collapse onto the volcanic slab and devour two pb&js plus a granola bar, bag of banana chips and an apple. Rebecca has the good sense to get the hell away from me, wandering to the other side of the peak. Ruby sits quietly at my feet, taking in the wrap-around views. From here, we can see the entire Channel Island chain -- San Miguel (where I first met Johnny while doing a story for this magazine) to Catalina; all eight islands glisten like a stretched-out necklace.

"What's down there?" Rebecca points to the valley below.

"That's where my Uncle Bob's ashes are." The last time I'd been up Sycamore Canyon to the small valley that was my uncle's favorite, I saw two deer grazing where our family held the ceremony to release him.

"And the next valley?" She continues north with her eyes.

"La Jolla. There's a trail that links from there to Sycamore."

We swap knowing smiles, realizing of course, that we're going there.

Miller Time

Photo by Joshua Huber

"If you can only run two trails in Southern California, one should be the Ray Miller Trail, and one should be the Ray Miller Trail in the opposite direction," claims Santa Monica Mountains trail-running forefather, Stan Swartz, in his book 50 Trail Runs in Southern California. It's true: The endless cruiser has Mediterranean-like ocean vistas and a gentle incline.

"I hardly feel like I'm climbing at all," says my long-time running buddy, Audrey Newman, who has joined Rebecca and me for a sunset session.


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