Patagonia Duckbill Trucker Hat and Long Haul Western Shirt

These technical pieces let you strut your dirtbag stuff—without sacrificing performance


Patagonia Duckbill Trucker Hat 2.9 oz | $35




At first blush, Patagonia’s Duckbill Trucker Hat seems like a gimmicky wink at trucker-cap-wearing dirtbag runners. Once you try it out, though, this hat will quickly become an un-ironic mainstay in your trail-running closet.

The soft, padded fabric front and malleable foam bill conform comfortably to the forehead, without any break-in period. The wicking Drymax headband, easy adjustability and an elastic strap in back keep the fit secure without feeling constricting and, with open polyester mesh forming the sides and rear of the hat, breathability is excellent, even on hot runs.


Patagonia Men’s Long Haul Western Shirt 4.7 oz | $89


Wear this short-sleeve western at a race, and you’ll stand out among the singlets and race tees—while still enjoying the technical advantages those shirts offer. Made of woven (and recycled) polyester, the Long Haul is light, breathable and quick drying. Venting in the back, underarm eyelets and front snaps enhance the breathability.

The Long Haul takes some getting used to at first—cold metal snaps against bare skin and a collar that flaps up slightly with each stride are not standard features on most performance apparel. After adjusting to it, though, the Long Haul is comfortable to run in, allowing for unconstricted movement.

During testing, we were pleasantly surprised by the added functionality that comes from the shirt’s western style: snaps can be selectively undone for more breathability in the front, and, if your sense of fashion doesn’t protest too loudly, the collar can be popped for extra back-of-the-neck sun protection. Slim fit.

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