Orange Mud Hydraquiver Vest Pack 2

9.4 oz (without bottles) / $150 / Sold with two 25oz bottles



The Hydraquiver requires more practice than most race vests—drawing a 25-ounce bottle from behind your shoulder, arrow-style, and re-sheathing it without looking, all while maintaining your stride, is no easy task. But the unconventional design—despite the extra up-front effort and relatively costly price tag—may appeal to runners looking for the capacity of a hydration bladder without the fuss of refilling mid-race.

The Hydraquiver rides high on the back; running with two full bottles, it can feel a bit top-heavy. Two large, stretchy front pockets can hold snacks and small pieces of gear, or additional water flasks if needed, and a bungee on back lets you secure your empties.


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