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The Future of Trail-Running Gear - Page 5

Trend 4: Innovative Ways to Fuel and Hydrate

We were asked repeatedly throughout the course of the tradeshow, “What have you seen out there on the floor that you’re really excited about?”

Most of our answers to this question fall in the hydration category.

Osprey, a stalwart in the packs industry, is releasing a trail-running-specific series of hydration packs—the Rev line.


Available in five different volumes, the Rev is brimming with handy little innovations:

  • A “shelf” design, rather than a traditional hook or hanger, that keeps the reservoir in place inside the pack to prevent excess sloshing
  • A water-resistant “DigiFlip” pocket flips down to offer quick, touchscreen access to your phone or media player
  • A clip imbedded in the hydration tube that allows the reservoir to be easily removed and refilled independently of the tube—a godsend for aid stations when time is of the essence!

Sawyer will release a Mini version of its popular backcountry water filter:


The Mini weighs in at a scant two ounces, and can even be imbedded directly into your hydration tube for easier-than-ever filtering on long trail runs.

In December 2013, inov-8 will expand its ultra line with new vests (featuring front bottles we’ve come to see more of), waistbelts and a compressible handheld bottle.

In the energy fuel category, we were excited to see that GU has introduced a brand new flavor of gel—Salted Caramel—and did so in Salt Lake with a splash: an oversized caramel fountain, complete with skewers of fresh fruit and macaroons. Yummy.



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