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Running in Sandals? - Page 2

Photo courtesy of Luna Sandals

Luna and Bedrock, reviewed below, are by no means the only companies making running sandals; other well-known ones are the Xero shoes (as seen on Shark Tank), Unshoes and Teva Zilch. (Let us know in the comments here what brands of huaraches you’ve tried!) But we love the passion, authenticity and craftsmanship that the folks at Luna and Bedrock put behind their huaraches.

In a day and age when almost all athletic footwear is made overseas, we also think it’s pretty special when a footwear company keeps their manufacturing local. Both of the sandals reviewed here are 100% made in the USA.


A Few Tips

  • Huaraches are usually sized differently than regular running shoes. Get a measuring tape and use the size charts on each huarache company’s website to determine your size.
  • Both Luna and Bedrock offer custom sizing. For the best fit, splurge a little ($5-15 extra) to get a custom, hand-cut pair.
  • Cold weather coming? Couple your huaraches with a pair of cozy toe socks to keep your feet a little warmer this fall. These can also combat any potential rubbing from sandal straps or buckles.


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