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Tecnica Inferno Sprint

Tecnica Inferno Sprint


$160, 10.5 oz, www.tecnicausa.com

The Dirt. The Inferno Sprint is a lightweight shoe designed with race performance in mind. Offering ample midsole cushioning and a nice "rocker" construction, the Inferno provided bouncy responsiveness.

It is a slip-on model and many testers had difficulty getting it on. While the pull-tab lacing system on the lateral side of the shoe is simple to use and offers an even synch, it is buried beneath a fold in the upper and was awkward to tuck away. Once tucked-away though, testers didn't have to worry about laces loosening during long trail outings.

A firm rock plate offered excellent protection and moderately aggressive lugs gripped well on most types of terrain.

Fit. Best fits medium-volume, neutral feet. One tester, with a wide forefoot immediately felt pressure on his bunions.

Best For. Thanks to a bouncy midsole and rockered profile, the Inferno excels on uphills.

Tester-monial. "These shoes are durable and the heel-rocking profile complimented my stride. I felt as though the shoe was propelling me farther forward with each step." 
—Barbara Platts, Boston, Massachusetts


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