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Ticks Invade the Trails - Page 5

The best way to prevent tick bites is to cover your feet and legs, according to Dr. Pritt. But since trail runners usually prefer to don shorts in warmer months, she says you can minimize your chances of infection by staying on well-trodden paths, avoiding tall grass and bushes, and applying a DEET-containing insect repellent to exposed areas. Clothing that is pre-treated with repellant is also available from companies such as BugsAway, and it usually remains effective through multiple washings.

If you run in an area where ticks might be present, check yourself thoroughly, keeping in mind that ticks are often attracted to warm, dark places—no crevice is out of the question, unfortunately. If you find one, remove it. If it is already biting you, simply pulling the tick off may leave its head embedded, increasing your risk of contracting an illness. Use a tweezers to remove the entire tick, or see a doctor if you are unable to.



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