21 Portable Fuels for the Diet-Restricted Runner

Vegan? Paleo? Gluten Free? Whatever your diet preferences, there are trail-snack options for you

Daily Nutrition

8 Muscle-Building Veggies to Boost Your Strength

Move over, red meat. These vegan powerhouses will repair your muscles post-workout and help you get strong

Daily Nutrition

6 Nutrition Tips for Trail-Running Teens

Ask the Dietitian: Make sure your active teenagers get the fuel they need

Ask the Dietitian

Recipe: Gluten-free Ginger Turmeric Muffins

A post-run treat with a powerful dose of recovery-enhancing anti-inflammatories


6 Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Runners

Recover faster by adding these nutrient-packed foods to your diet

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4 Natural Energy-Gel Alternatives

Minimally processed sugar sources to keep you going during your next long run

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