ISSUE 121 / AUGUST 2017


Mountain Soul. Referred to as “The Swiss Machine,” Ueli Steck embodied the mountain lifestyle, and had a kind, passionate nature. Story and photos by Dan Patitucci

Half Light, Half Dark. Circumnavigating Peru’s Cordillera Huayhuash. By Nick Triolo

Running Man. Michael Wardian does dozens of races a year—any distance, any surface, anywhere in the world, sometimes back to back, always full on. By Paul Cuno-Booth


editor’s note


making tracks

Activist, actor and pack-burro racer, Curtis Imrie, dies at 70, leaving his community stunned. By Megan Janssen

favorite trail

take your mark

Kick some ass. The quirkly sport of pack-burro racing. By Megan Janssen

everyman’s exposed

trail tested

3 safety devices that could save your hide when things go wrong. By Ariella Gintzler


Process-focused training will make you a better—and happier—runner. By Elinor Fish

trail tips

Ethics and etiquette: Your guide to responsible trail use. By Paul Cuno-Booth

trail rx

How to avoid mid-race blisters, bonking and black toenails. By Joe Uhan

ask the coach

last gasp

There’s more than one way to get blitzed. By Yitka Winn