ISSUE 119 / APRIL 2017

• Favorite Trail. The precipitous Kendall Katwalk, Snoqualmie Pass, Washington. By Ben Luedke

• A Race with No End. The Sisyphean nightmare of Big’s Backyard Ultra. By Andy Pearson

• The Wilderness Within. Deep in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, a motley bunch of runners taps the imaginative realm beyond races on a quest for joy, camaraderie and mysticism. By Yitka Winn

• The Ultra Trail Gobi Race. An evolution of emotion. By Bryon Powell

• The Jackass of Ultrarunning. Mountain Outpost reminds trail runners to lighten up. By Sarah Lavender Smith

• A High-Country Epiphany. Treading ground in what would become our newest wilderness area. Story and photos by Steven Gnam

• Reflections on Mud. Wallowing around the world, from the English moors to the California Sierra Nevada. By Sam Robinson

• Everyman’s Exposed

• Running in the Land of Sheep, Bogs and Pubs. I went to Ireland with Rickey Gates and Scott Jurek and all I got was an authentic sheep’s-wool sweater embroidered with my family crest. By Dakota Jones

• Chasing the Rabbit. Cowboy roots. Several hours from a main airport. Glorious summer weather. Steamboat Springs has become a must-visit trail-running town. Just watch out for the wildlife—especially the Rabbit. By Garett Graubins

• The Morning After. The post-UTMB aftermath on the streets of Chamonix. By Doug Mayer

• For the Record. The story behind the booming fastest-known-time culture. By Doug Mayer

• Parting Shot