Ryan Sandes, From Unintentional Marathoner to World-Class Trail Runner

The elite South African runner talks training, surfing and what it's like to race in the Sahara and Antarctic


Video: A World Champion's First 100-Miler

World champion Skyrunner Luis Alberto Hernando runs the infamous UTMB


Alfredo Pedro, Beloved Chicago Trail Runner, Passes Away at 47

Friends remember Pedro as an encouraging, enthusiastic, tireless presence, whether or not he was running


US Skyrunner Series Announces 2016 Race Schedule

The mountain-running series will include races across the country, from California to New York to Texas


Anton Krupicka, Relearning How to Run

Back from injury, the well-known runner looks ahead to the next phase of his career


Where Has Devon Yanko Been All This Time?

Yanko was nearly unbeatable in trail ultras until she all but disappeared from racing two years ago. This fall, she returned—and how.

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