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The Great Salmon Run - Page 2


In the interim I contacted Save Our Wild Salmon, an environmental group that works to preserve and restore wild salmon habitat, about teaming up and using our run to draw attention to their incredible work. On the surface it may not seem like there is a connection between running over 100 miles and salmon swimming over 900 miles to spawn, but we found many similarities during the run, most having to do with following a difficult route. The public partnership with Save Our Wild Salmon did add some pressure to the run; now it wouldn't just be two guys going for a really long run mostly unnoticed; if we failed, we would fail publicly.

* * *

The last weekend in September Ty, Handsome Matt, a photographer, shuttle driver and all-around nice guy, and I drove to the Middle Fork’s trailhead. We arrived just before dark, shot a few pictures and went to bed, anxious for what lay ahead.

Just after dawn Ty and I set out doing our best to moderate the pace. Rather early in the day it became obvious that something was “off.” It was taking too long to get to well-known landmarks along the river, even though we were moving quickly. I now realize that I had erroneously based our mileage on the miles traveled while on the river ... not the trail. Extra mileage would subtly be added for the next 80 river miles.


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