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The Great Salmon Run - Page 4


Finally, with the sun low in the sky, we found the way forward, which unfortunately led to several more hours of bushwhacking. Around 10 a.m. we heard a yell and then we saw him, Handsome Matt, who had come to meet us and guide us out. We were more than 12 hours behind schedule. The last few miles blurred together. After a final creek crossing we were at our truck, 52 hours after starting the journey of what turned out to be nearly 140 miles, an epic adventure during which I garnered more respect for the truly wild places of the earth, and I learned a great deal about how to dig deep.

Wild salmon born in a mountain stream, travel downstream all the way to the Pacific Ocean, and a few years later, make the return trip, upstream, to where they were born. The disappearing Snake River salmon will travel an amazing 1000 miles and 6000 feet in elevation to return to Idaho’s Redfish Lake, where they will spawn and die. To find out more, visit: www.wildsalmon.org.

Luke Nelson is an elite ski mountaineering racer and mountain runner who lives in Pocatello, Idaho, with his wife,
Tanae, and daughters Brynlee and Chlöe. Check out his blog.

Matthew Irving is a photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah. When he isn't shooting photos, he spends most of his time shooting and editing video for Camp 4 Collective.


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