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8 Trail-Running Trends We Saw at Summer OR

The annual summer Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City is a cornucopia of outdoor gear, shoes, tech and tasty treats for the trails

Last week, at the annual Summer Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City, we spent a few days scoping out new and upcoming gear for 2015. Here, we present 8 trends we noticed in the trail-running sector of the industry.


1. “Ultra” is the magic word.

Though the majority of our readers prefer to run marathon distance or less (according to our annual reader survey), more and more each year are interested in branching out into the ultra world. And gear companies know it. Hence, the word "ultra" can be found all over the OR show floor.

Skechers has a new trail shoe for spring ’15 called the Ultra 2:

Camelbak’s forthcoming, UTMB-compatible Ultra 10 pack for trail runners:

Terra Nova Equipment offers Ultra 5 (brand new) and Ultra 20 packs for trail runners or fastpackers, as well as their super-lightweight Laser Ultra 1 and 2 tents—all made from their Ultra (Cuben-fiber) fabric. (See next page for more on Terra Nova.)


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