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8 Trail-Running Trends We Saw at Summer OR - Page 2

2. Lighter, better, faster, stronger.

“Fast and light” has been the name of the game in the outdoor industry for many years, so this is nothing especially new. What is new is the increasing blurred line that “fastpacking” represents between trail running and backpacking or even, in some cases, mountaineering. The result is a lot of new interest in creating equipment to handle fast-and-light approaches—20-30L fastpacks, lighter-than-ever tents/shelters, sleeping pads and bags, etc, not to mention a number of longtime backpacking, skiing or even cycling companies launching their very own trail-running lines for the first time.

For spring 2015, Mountain Hardwear will release a newly waterproof version (outfitted with OutDry tech) of its popular Scrambler 30 pack—geared at a variety of users, but no doubt in line with what we’d look for in a high-quality fastpacking pack.

Ultimate Direction, which just released their Fastpack 20 to the public this week, will add a 30L version of the Fastpack for spring 2015.

UK company Terra Nova Equipment claims to offer the lightest tents/bivvies/packs/bags on the market. Their Ultra 20 pack (see previous page) weighs in at just under 5 oz, and their Laser Ultra 1 tent—geared at adventure racers and awarded the Guinness World Record for the lightest double-wall shelter in the world—at 1 lb 1 oz, using extended guy lines for setup.

Montane, Sugoi, Mountain Equipment, Dynafit and Marmot also all appear to be focusing significant energy on newly launched trail-running lines of apparel, packs and other equipment. We look forward to testing them out and reporting back to you, our readers, on what we think!


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