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8 Trail-Running Trends We Saw at Summer OR - Page 3

3. Ladies in the house.

Not only are more companies (finally!) bucking the shrink-it-and-pink-it approach to women’s gear by designing truly women-specific equipment, many are now also addressing the fact that female athletes and outdoor enthusiasts come in all shapes and sizes.

Ultraspire is adding a third size (smaller yet than either of the two S/M and M/L sizes it currently offers) to its hydration-pack lineup to fit smaller-bodied women—or even trail-running, or trail-curious, kids!

At the same time, it will be debuting its first-ever women-specific hydration pack, the Astral, which features a "Curve harness" designed to accommodate a variety of women's bodies and shapes. It's equipped with a 2-liter reservoir, plenty of zippered storage and front, quick-stash pockets.

Moving Comfort is adding E-cup sizes to several of its most popular, high-impact sports bras (including the Juno and Jubralee), in an effort to offer more functional options to women who’ve long struggled to find sports bras that support them in the way they need.


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