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8 Trail-Running Trends We Saw at Summer OR - Page 7

7. More snacks for sensitive stomachs.

Outdoor Retailer is such a massive show that it sprawls over not only three floors of the Salt Lake City Convention Center, but also into an overflow building called The Pavilions, across the street. The Pavilions are where many of the newest companies set up their booths, and its often a hub for the kind of energy and innovation that comes out of startups. It’s also where the majority of food or snack companies set up booths, so it’s a great place for sampling tasty treats, ranging from jerky to granola bars to freeze-dried backpacker vittles.

This year, our favorite runner-friendly snacks we sampled were “Snakaroons” from a company called Laughing Giraffe Organics. Like slightly less-sweet macaroons, these bite-sized, organic, gluten-free snacks are made from unsweetened coconut, agave nectar, coconut oil and other ingredients (depending on flavor)—which range from vanilla to banana to goji maca. They come in small, portable sleeves that are sure to be a hit with the trail-runner crowd.


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