Anton Krupicka, Relearning How to Run

Back from injury, the well-known runner looks ahead to the next phase of his career


Where Has Devon Yanko Been All This Time?

Yanko was nearly unbeatable in trail ultras until she all but disappeared from racing two years ago. This fall, she returned—and how.


Why Climber Alex Honnold Runs Trails

Best-known as a free soloist and big-wall climber, Alex Honnold also enjoys lacing up his running shoes to explore the trails around Yosemite


TruMan, the Trail-Running Dachsund

Eclectic runner Catra Corbett runs 40-mile weeks with a tiny rescue dog


HURT, Barkley, Hardrock, UTMB: Jamil Coury and the "Slam of the Damned"

Running 4 of the world’s most notorious 100-milers in a single year


Wild and Determined

Not even a rattlesnake bite could keep Jenn Thompson off the trails

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