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Anton Krupicka Looks Ahead

While he is frustrated by his 16-month layoff due to injury, the elite ultrarunner says he has learned a lot about himself and his running, and remains optimistic about racing this summer.

Photo by Mick Donges

Most runners know what it’s like to deal with time away due to injury, and elite runners are no exception, but Colorado’s mountain man—known for twice winning the Leadville 100-Mile Endurance Run and finishing second at the now-famous 2010 Western States 100—has been completely absent from the ultra-trail racing scene since early in 2011.

The reason? A nagging shin injury that won’t go away.

Krupicka first noticed trouble in January 2011. “I was doing speed work to get ready for [Texas’] Rocky Raccoon 100-mile and I started having pain about three weeks before the race,” says Krupicka. “I ran the race carrying the injury, which obviously didn't help things. I started taking lots of time off following Rocky, but was able to run little bits here and there through the spring.”

The diagnosis was medial-tibial stress syndrome—tendonitis in the shin. “It’s basically an aggravation of the posterior tibialis [which controls pronation] that then developed into periostitis,” he says. “That’s where the tendon lifts the periosteum, which is the sheath or membrane that encases the bone.”

Krupicka, who usually logs huge mileage in the mountains around Boulder, Colorado, says the source of the injury was easy to pinpoint.


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