Blood Sport

From the mountain-running circuit in the early 2000s to ultrarunning the next decade, Anita Ortiz has dominated. But how does a school-teaching, 47-year-old mother of four do it against much younger athletes?


Just Kilian

The Spaniard Kilian Jornet is taking the trail-running world by storm. A self-described “mountaineer,” the 23-year-old takes a surprisingly Zen approach to distance trail running


Farewell, Caballo Blanco

Trail running was a key component to the full life Micah True lived



No Place to Rest

While the U.K.’s Lizzy Hawker is not a household name in trail running on this side of the pond, she is tearing it up, from Europe to the Himalayas to South Africa. But you wouldn’t know it by talking to her.



Ras Vaughan's Unsupported, Sextuple-Rim-to-Rim

UltraPedestrian sets OKT (Only Known Time) for epic Grand Canyon route


Bon Voyage: Bound for Iceland

SuLan Peebles wins the Trail Runner Iceland Dream Trip Contest

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