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Checking In with Geoff Roes in Juneau - Page 2

Why do you host these camps?

The answer to that question has evolved a lot. It started out because I thought this was an incredible place to run and train, and it felt like something I wanted to do to some degree almost as a service to the community, just to get people out into such a beautiful place. Then I did the first camp last year, and it was an incredibly enjoyable experience. It was like, "Wow, this is really fun."

It really doesn’t feel much like work. I get a different perspective from other people and feel like I learn as much doing these camps as anybody.

Where are you at with your running now, and where is your running career heading?

I’m at this place where I have no idea where I’m going to be in six months or a year or two years ... especially from a racing standpoint. It’s really exciting to be back into this place because it’s where I was when I started running. I knew I wanted to run a lot and to race, but I didn’t know where it would take me. Ultimately, it took me to three or four years straight of racing almost every month, really consistently. Now, I’ve taken a break and am having a really enjoyable summer just running. I’ve run more hours these last two months than I ever have in my life.


Roes, second from left, joins some of his camp participants on a peak along Juneau Ridge. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Lavender Smith)

How much has your mind been on the competitions you’re not at?

Previously, if there’s a big event and I’m not there, I’ve always been kind of jealous of the people who are and wanting to know what’s going on. This summer, I’ve found myself paying attention to things going on in the scene and at the races, but more from the standpoint of being friends with those people and wanting to know how they’re doing. I haven’t found myself wishing I were at a particualr race racing against them.

It was funny, both on the day of Western States and of Hardrock this year, I did 10-hour mountain runs here. Actually, the day of Western States, I finished this run with my friend, and he checked his phone, and it was literally about two minutes before we finished that Timmy [Olson] had finished and won the race. There were points during the day when I was like, "Oh, yeah, Western States," and I knew it was happening, but I didn’t think about it.


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