7 Qs for Jen Benna

The competitive trail runner on balancing running with family and returning to racing after an extended absence


Running for His Life

After a lung-cancer diagnosis, Yariv Kafri resolved to keep running—and inspire others to do the same



Meet the Man Breaking Kilian’s Records

7 Qs for mountain runner Karl Egloff, who set a new FKT on Aconcagua last week


Born to Run Originals: McConaughey Great Choice to Bring Bestseller to Big Screen

Barefoot Ted, Luis Escobar and Caballo Blanco's girlfriend Maria Walton reflect on news that Matthew McConaughey will be cast in upcoming Born to Run film


Stop, Appraise, Embrace

One runner turns to the trails after a five-year absence from running


21 Questions with Trail Runner Coverboy Patrick Sweeney

This barefoot runner, burro racer, beach bum and beer-mile aficionado is running across the country in hopes of making a difference in kids’ lives


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