Sinful Style

This cardinal rule was meant to be broken

Trail running, like all sports, has cardinal rules. For example: Thou shalt never don new apparel or use new gear on Race Day. ...

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Running From the Fat Man

The secret to motivation? Google it.

In the winter of 1999, a portly man de-motivated me from many intended evening runs. No, not the bearded one in a red suit. ...

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Gut-Busters Lighten Up the Miles

"Hear the one about ...?"

My running pal Joe always says, "It's not a trail run without a good joke." While recently encouraging my wife to pace a friend ...

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A Bad Break

Knocked out of Hardrock

As I turned downhill, my legs churning underneath, I glanced up at the powder-white Continental Divide 20 miles westward. Fresh snow ...

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The Fire Within

Enjoy the drive ... however it arrives.

Last month the miles came effortlessly. I could fall out of bed and immediately run eight miles. My feet glided over the trail. ...

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The Cold War

Running in the winter sounded like fun ... in the summer.

"Do not go outside today unless you have to," ordered the weather woman as I zipped a jacket over an insulating vest, ...

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