How Western States Became a Race

Mo Livermore, a founder of the Western States Endurance Run, shares her experience of organizing and running the race in its early years


After Life-Threatening Abuse, A Runner Rebuilds Her Life

Two years after her boyfriend tried to kill her, Natalie Nicholson is putting her life back together the only way she knows how: by running


Jenn Shelton, Unleashed

The author's mother used to keep her on a leash. It's not that she was one of "those" parents. It's that Jenn was one of "those" kids.


Last Gasp

Rock Steady

John Storkamp has battled addiction, finished some of the toughest races on the planet and received accolades as a race director. But he really excels at making those around him better.


Dakota Jones Gets Extreme in the Mountains (Video)

As he rock climbs in the Flatirons and runs up glaciated Mount Rainier, the trail-running wunderkind shares his ambitions to tackle the world’s biggest mountain ranges



Anton Krupicka: Evolution of an Elite

The pro trail runner reflects on injury and how it's changed up his training regimen

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