Montana Trio Completes "Crown Traverse" From Missoula to Banff

Mike Wolfe, Mike Foote and Steven Gnam covered more than 500 exposed, rugged miles in Montana and Canada


11 Inspiring Short Films About Trail Running

Need a little extra motivation to hit the trails? These gritty, beautiful films have you covered.


Krissy Moehl Breaks 48 Hours on Tahoe Rim Trail, Sets New FKT

The veteran ultrarunner ran the 165-mile loop in 47 hours 29 minutes


Video: Preview the Lineup of the 2015 Trail Running Film Fest

An epic montage that reminds us to look up from our runs every once in a while


TruMan, the Trail-Running Dachsund

Eclectic runner Catra Corbett runs 40-mile weeks with a tiny rescue dog


Faking It

How to pretend you're all businessfrom the trail

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