Pikes Peak Marathon

Colorado Springs , Colorado

Pikes Peak Marathon
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August 20th

The Ascent or ascent portion of the Marathon can take as long, or longer, than a full flatland marathon. In fact, many flatlanders find that it can take much longer! On the other hand, if you have trained in high altitude, it is possible to go a little faster than your flatland marathon time during the Ascent. In general, if you live at altitude, go with your flatland marathon time. Otherwise, add 1/2 hour to your flatland marathon time. The average descent time is about 63% of the runner's Ascent time. In other words, the downhill is not free, and there are even a few ups on the way down!

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Map Address: 514 El Paso Blvd Manitou Springs CO 80829 USA
Marker: 26.2M

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Pikes Peak Marathon
Colorado Springs

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