Lost Soul Ultra

Lethbridge , Alberta
100M, 100K, 50K

Lost Soul Ultra
Race Distances


September 8th 09:00 AM 11,000 Ft. Elevation Gain


September 8th 09:00 AM 6,000 Ft. Elevation Gain


September 9th 07:00 AM 3,600 Ft. Elevation Gain

The race is held in the river valley of Lethbridge Alberta, Canada. One loop is 53 Km with approximately 1200m (3600') of elevation incline and decline. Most of the hills will be in the 150' to 250' in size and you will hit about 16 of those in one loop.

Map Info

Co-ordinates: 49.694601717816425, -112.84677550561526
Marker: 100M

Co-ordinates: 49.694518436876024, -112.84668967492678
Marker: 100K

Co-ordinates: 49.69446291616982, -112.84664675958254
Marker: 50K

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Lost Soul Ultra

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