Squamish 50

Squamish , British Columbia
50M, 50K, 23K

Squamish 50
Race Distances


August 19th 05:30 AM 11,000 Ft. Elevation Gain


August 20th 06:00 AM 8,500 Ft. Elevation Gain


August 20th 08:00 AM 3,300 Ft. Elevation Gain

The Squamish 50 races are TOUGH, truly unforgettable trail running experiences. With our marquee 50 mile race boasting over 90% singletrack and more than 11,000 feet of climbing and descent, topped off by stunning sweeping vistas across glaciated snow capped peaks that jut straight out of the Pacific Ocean, these courses are sure to take your breath away.

Map Info

Co-ordinates: 49.6969458, -123.1564496
Marker: 50M

Co-ordinates: 49.6969458, -123.1564496
Marker: 50K

Co-ordinates: 49.6969458, -123.1564496
Marker: 23K

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Squamish 50

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