Melchsee-Frutt , Obwalden
21K, 44K, 64K

Race Distances


August 19th 10:00 AM


August 19th 09:00 AM


August 19th 08:00 AM

With the Mountainman we reduce Trail Running to its essence:
Trail Running!

We'll do without expensive extras, free samples and loads of entertainment.
We enjoy running in our mountains and we want to pass our joy to you.
We organize a down to earth Trail Run without outrageous promises.

You will discover breathtaking new valleys and mountains of Unterwalden, but we will also partially bring you onto the original Mountainman trail. Start and finish are at one location in Melchsee-Frutt.

Halfmarathon = Route 1 = 21.6 km: Frutt-Tannalp-Erzegg-Planplatten-Hochstollen-Abgschütz-Frutt
Marathon = Route 1 + Route 2 = 44.6 km: Frutt-Tannalp-Erzegg-Planplatten-Hochstollen-Abgschütz-Frutt-Bonistock-Tannalp-Jochpass-Engstlenalp-Tannalp-Frutt
Ultra = Route 1 + Route 2 + Route 3 = 64.2 km = Frutt-Tannalp-Erzegg-Planplatten-Hochstollen-Abgschütz-Frutt-Bonistock-Tannalp-Jochpass-Engstlenalp-Tannalp-Frutt-Stöckalp-Stepfen-Älggialp-Abgschütz-Frutt

Team Relay
3 runners
Ultra = Route 1 (runner 1) + Route 2 (runner 2) + Route 3 (runner 3)

We provide maps to download and GPX data for your GPS. The route is signposted. See Downloads

Food & Water:
At the start, you will get water, fresh products and Sponser Sport Food. Up to distances of 10 km you will have to carry your own drink and food. Food will be organized on the routes in two places. For drinking water there are various wells. See Downloads

The Alpine Rescue Switzerland, the Rega and a paramedic from neighboring hospitals are informed about the event and ready in case of emergency.

Time measurement:
By Webscorer.

Map Info

Map Address: Melchsee-Frutt, 6068 Kerns, Schweiz
Marker: 21K

Map Address: Melchsee-Frutt, 6068 Kerns, Schweiz
Marker: 44K

Map Address: Melchsee-Frutt, 6068 Kerns, Schweiz
Marker: 64K

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